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The famous marque Deville developed and still developes specialty stoves. This is a small furnish stove from the middle of the twentieth century.

DEVILLE is built on a terrain of 40.000 square metres in Charleville-Mézières (Northern France). The factory is located at the borders of the river Meuse. DEVILLE builts on a tradition of three centuries in technique, performance, and innovation for its customers.

The modern factory is using advanced techniques for design and automated production of heating equipment. With an integrated laboratory for Research & Development, engineers and technicians care for the quality of the products.

Deville: from 1848 until now

1848 : While France is developing into the industrial era, a generation of entrepeneurs in the Ardennen is founding forges and cast iron melting factories.

Two of those people are the brothers CORNEAU. They originally have the profession of smith. They start an iron cast melting factory. They produce cast iron foundations for buildings and heating equipment: stoves, cookers and washing machines. A few years later their brothers in law, Albert DEVILLE and mister PAILLETTE, also participate in these activities.

1886 : The brothers CORNEAU asked Albert DEVILLE to take over the management of the factory, because he was an outstanding engineer. Therefore the factory CORNEAU-PAILLETTE becomes DEVILLE, favoured by lots of inventions like the enamel of cast iron or the first machines with a pneumatic mechanism. The factory DEVILLE-CHARLEVILLE becomes famous all over France.

DEVILLE concentrates the activities on the production of heating and cooking equipment. The capacity is progressing continuously and models are renewed. The models they have now in the assortment are very competing in the market.

From 1920 until 1930 Deville is one of the most famous and popular brands with a very divers production, from 'classical' wood stoves to modern heaters, always beautiful and attractive.

Who doesn't know the big cooker in the kitchen of his grandmother or the stove of an old aunt!

1936 : One of the many products that the 1400 workers of DEVILLE S.A. produce, is cookers on gaz and electricity. DEVILLE believes in promotion and advertising and shows what it has to offer.

Catalogues from 1928

1954 : DEVILLE is orientating on the production of heating equipment that burns on fuel in housekeeping environments. Very soon the factory is market leader in the French market for this kind of products. The blue flame of Deville is soon becoming a 'warm' tradition in many French families.

1973 : During the first oilcrisis DEVILLE starts again fabricating cookers and stoves that are feeded with wood. Integrating the newest technologies for burning is a sign for customers to return to heating equipment based on burning wood.

1980 : DEVILLE is extending the assortment by the development of a totally new family of products: hearths with a high rate of heating; stoves people love in the cities as well as in the countryside.

September 1991 : DEVILLE starts with a wallstove on gaz, made of precious materials like copper, chrome or cast iron. Soon they become a beloved model in the assortment.

End of 1993 : DEVILLE gets the standard NF by the AFNOR for heating equipment with a full combustion (wood - coal).In the nineties Deville goes on growing. The brand is becoming very strong in the segment of heating in the housekeeping environments.

In 1996 DEVILLE is innovating the segment of the hearths with a new concept of a metallic hearth: the ‘Prête à Poser’, a directly placeble hearth that is immediately functional, easy to install in a house or an appartment. Succes follows almost immediately; now there are more than 60 models in the assortment.

In 2001 DEVILLE comes out with the first modular heating on fuel (Fioul Modulante). It is the only brand with this type of heating that is perfectly anticipating the needs for modern houskeeping. This kind of heating is clean, quiet, economic, easy to install and easy to maintain. It is a real revolution in central heating for privat householdings.

Today DEVILLE has arrived into the third century of its existence with experience and ambition in heating for all of its customers and a dynamic slogan: ‘More warmth by burning’.