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The history of Rosières

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The development of a famous brand

Rosières: a long history of more than two centuries in a town in the Berry, the basis of the life and beginning of Rosières.

Rosières comes from Rosarie, out of 1102 and derived from Latin (the place of the rosarium), and from the name of the local landlord Normannus of Rosarie. He founded the first mill on the place where we can find now Rosières.

Almost eight centuries later, Rosières is surrendered by wood and the water of the Cher, while the ground is full of strong minerals with iron.

This natural synergy was profitable for Marquis de Boissy in 1836. Nearby the old mill, he built a smederij that was feeded bij cargoal and iron from the mines.

In 1848 the forge and iron foundry were bought by the marquis de Vogüe. The new owner started fabricating the spoorrails en iron constructions for buildings and public works.

Founding of Rosières 1869

Looking at the kind of products the factory of Rosières produces nowadays, the real start was in 1869. In that year Jules Roussel, delegate and mastersmith of Rosières, modernised the forge and came with new products of cast iron.

Anonymous trading partnership

After Jules Roussel died, his successors and a number of engineers founded an anonymous trading partnership. In 1896 there were 600 people in this city, that developed itself very quickly. The quality of the cast iron became wellknown and famous all over the country.

1909: new impulse

In 1909 Henri Magdelénat developed new methods of production. He reorganized the forge, the assembly, the maintenance, and the expedition department. Everything went bigger.

He also introduced the production of enamel and the enamel of cast iron. The quality was soon and definitely recognized by everybody.

He created a trade school for this profession and came with new products: enamel cookers, stoves for wood and coal.

Parallel he started an important social program and in 1935 the city had 500 lodging houses and 1800 inhabitants. There was a pharmacy, a children crêche, a study room, a coöperational grocery store, a sportsaccomodation, a savings bank, and familyrooms.

1934: a new fundamental date

In 1934 Rosières gets an exclusive licensie for France and some other countries for the AGA-cookers, developed and invented in Sweden by dr. DALEN, winner of the Nobel Price.

A revolutionary cooker: the AGA

Real heaters because of their scientific construction of continuous burning, the AGA cookers work non-stop and use no more than 4 to 5 kilos of wood or coal in 24 hours. Together with the AGA boiler they distribute warm water in the houskeeping environment. The production stops in 1966.

Cast iron enamel cookers

From 1938 until 1940 the cookers were totally made of enamel cast iron. The lines are sober and simple, the legs are becoming smaller. There is an important need of heating with gaz.

A divers program of modernising

Development and innovation in products, finding sources for export for all divisions, stock exchange in 1962, modernising of productionmethods, those are the witnesses of a laborforce and urge of perfection that never stops.

Rosières is experiencing the transition to the third millennium

Rosières has lots of tradition and will keep this for the future. Two centuries of perfection and modernising are the result of that. The mission of Rosières, yesterday, today and tomorrow is to optimize cooking and heating for their customers.